Warranty and claims

The general warranty period is 24 months. The warranty period starts at the moment of the receipt of the products.

Our e-shop also holds the products with limited shelf-life. The durability of the products sold in our e-shop is as follows:

  • live cut flowers: 5 days after the delivery,
  • plant corms: 18 months after the date of packaging.

Conditions for warranty claims

We do all we can to deliver you the products in excellent quality and without defects. If you find out that the products you received have any defects, please contact us by phone, e-mail or by the form you can find below. We will address your claim as soon as possible.

The right of liability for defects cannot be applied on the defects caused by mechanical damage, using the products in unfavourable conditions etc.

The detailed conditions for warranty claims can be found in Part 8 of our Terms and conditions.

    Warranty claim form